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Bypassing Nickname Feature

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Hello Guys, This is my first time to write a blog and I want to say sorry ahead for my bad english :sweat_smile:

Last 3 months I found a simple Logic Bug one of public program on Bugcrowd which I can modify the given nickname to me to any nickname I want. During the account creation there’s already a nickname assigned to my account which is designed as an unchangable. However I noticed that when changing the details of my account they used JSON format. My guessing instinct was so accurate :laughing: I tried to add nickname parameter and thinking that what if I will make a request with adding nickname parameter and see if the nickname will change. The JSON request with nickname parameter was accepted in the response. Boom! I can bypass and changed my nickname whatever I want.

Proof of Concept

  1. Create/signup an account here: redacted.com
  2. Assuming the we have already created an account, now go to redacted.com and edit your details.
  3. Intercept the request and append this parameter called Nickname

Orginal Request


Edited Request



Title of Report: Bypassing Nickname Feature redacted.com
Date of Report: 11 May 2019 04:43:41 UTC
Date of Resolved: 05 June 2019 12:53:44 UTC
Bounty Paid: $50

I hope you enjoy this write up and always remember:
Think outside the box!

Kent Bayron

Kent Bayron

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